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LOGA Action Alerts
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Action Alert: 

Crisis in Liberia



Action Alert:  World AIDS Day

U.S. Interfaith AIDS Poster Campaign

EVENT:  Ecumenical Advocacy Days - March 5-8, 2004

Hunger in Africa, Famine Relief Needed
(July 2003 LU)

Hunger and Poverty Quiz
(July 2003 LU)

Conflict in Liberia
(July 23 LU)

Support the Global AIDS and Health Fund
(October 2001)

Conflict Diamonds (July 2001 LU)

AIDS in Africa Legislation (July 2001 LU)

Stand with Africa Advocacy Update: Foreign Aid
(May 2001 LU)

Sudan Peace Act (May 2001 LU)

Action Alert: U.S. Foreign Assistance Funding
(March 2001)

Will to Confront Global HIV/AIDS Pandemic Needed
(March 2001 LU)

Conflict Diamonds Bill to be Introduced
(March 2001 LU)

HIV/AIDS in Africa (Nov.00 LU)

Debt Relief Funding
(Nov. 00 LU)

Funding for U.N. Peacekeeping
(October 12, 2000)

Debt Relief Update and Action Alert
(October 10, 2000)

Slavery, War and Peace in Sudan
(May 2000)

Congress Includes $123 million for Debt Relief
(Jan 2000 LU)

Letter to Secretary of State Albright on Africa
(Ocotber 15, 1999)

The African Development Foundation:  A Challenge to Its Existence (WOA Action Alert, April 1999)

Africa Trade Bills Introduced (March 99 LU)

Letter: NGOs Call for U.S. Action on Sierra Leone
(Feb 9, 99)

"Africa: Seeds of Hope Act" Passes (Dec 98 LU)

Washington Office on Africa
Legislative Update on African Issues (Fall 1998)

Background Paper & Action Suggestions:
Questions on Africa Policy for the 106th Congress
(October 16, 1998)

Letter to Congress:  Increase Aid to Africa (Sept 24, 1998)

Background Paper:  International Debt (Sept 98)


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