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FOR PEOPLE OF FAITH: An Urgent Call to End the Nuclear Danger

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Based on the “Urgent Call” developed in 2002, “For People of Faith: An Urgent Call to End the Nuclear Danger” provides an opportunity for you, other individual people of faith, congregations, judicatories (synods, dioceses etc.) ecumenical agencies and national denominational and faith group bodies to express their concerns about the current nuclear weapons danger.  Endorsements are an effective way you can witness to your concern.  It is a useful education tool and an effective vehicle for presenting the nuclear weapons danger to religious bodies, including your congregation, and to individual people of faith.

For more information about the Urgent Call to End the Nuclear Danger, visit the Web site of the Nuclear Reduction/Disarmament Initiative.

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We call on the United States and Russia to fulfill their commitments under the Non-proliferation Treaty and move together with the other nuclear powers -step by carefully inspected and verified step- toward the abolition of all nuclear weapons. Working to achieve this goal, we call on the United States to:

Renounce the first use of nuclear weapons.

Permanently end the development, testing, and production of nuclear warheads.

Work towards a peaceful reconciliation of the ongoing nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula, through multilateral negotiations.

Seek agreement with Russia on the mutual and verified destruction of nuclear weapons withdrawn under treaties, and increase the resources available here and in Russia to secure nuclear warheads and material and implement destruction.

Strengthen nonproliferation efforts by ratifying the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, and reducing and securing fissile material worldwide and negotiating a ban on its production.

Take nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert in concert with the other nuclear powers—the UK, France, Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Israel—in order to reduce the risk of accidental or unauthorized use.

Initiate talks on further nuclear cuts, beginning with U.S. and Russian reductions to 1,000 warheads each.

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