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Stand for Children Day

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For information on domestic human needs visit the
Coalition on Human Needs

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[See also "Hunger and Poverty"]

Strengthening Families Through
Healthy Marriage
(January 2004)

TANF Reauthorization Postponed to 2004
Comparing Senate and House Bills

Letter to Congress regarding Head Start programs
(July 2, 2003)

Child and Adult Care Food Program

Rep. Mike Castle introduces Head Start Reauthorization Bill
(May 2003)

Resource:  Hunger and Poverty in America

Action on Child Nutrition:


Child and Adult Care Food Program

National School Lunch Program

School Breakfast Program

Special Supplemental Nutrition Program

Summer Food Service Program

Giving Low-Income Children a Head Start
(May 2003)

September 2001 Legislative Update:

Food Stamp Program
WIC Funding

July  2001 Legislative Update:

Family Care Act of 2001
WIC Funding 
Tax Bill 
"Healthy Solutions" Legislation

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Tax Cut Progress
(May 2001 LU)

Tax Cuts - Who is Excluded
(May 2001 LU)

Stand for Children Day
(May 2001 LU)

Younger Americans Act Re-introduced in 107th Congress
(March 2001 LU)

Conference Committee Working to Reconcile
 Labor/HHS/Education Appropriations Bills
 (December 2000)

Labor/HHS/Education Appropriations Bill
(Nov. 00 LU)

Child Care Coalition Zeros In On Four Areas
(May 00 LU)

President's Budget Provisions Help Low-income Families
(March 00 LU)

President Clinton is Formulating His Budget for FY2001
(Jan 00)

Congress Passes Human Needs Legislation at the Last Minute
(Jan 00 LU)

A Look at Domestic Discretionary Spending (Jan 00 LU)

Conference Committee - Meeting on Juvenile Justice Legislations
(Sept 28, 1999)

House Defeats Gun Amendments, Approves Juvenile Justice Bill
(July 99 LU)

Background Paper: Deciphering the Social Security Debate
(April 1999)

Background Paper:  Providing Quality Child Care that is
Affordable & Accessible


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