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LOGA Action Alerts
& Background Papers

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Foreign Aid          International Debt         U.N. Funding

International Debt:

Debt Relief (Postcard Blizzard)
July 2003 LU

Debt Relief (July 2001 LU)

Action Alert:  U.S. Foreign Assistance Funding
(March 2001)

Ask Congress to Support Debt Relief for Poor Nations
(October 2000)

Action Alert:  Funding for Debt Cancellation Needed
(June 2000)

Background Paper:  International Debt (Sept 98)

Foreign Aid:

Foreign Aid Testimony
(March 28, 2001)

Action Alert:  U.S. Foreign Assistance Funding
(March 2001)

Wye River Funding for Middle East Peace
(Sept 2, 1999)

United Nations Funding:

Funding for U.N. Peacekeeping
(October 12, 2000)

Action Alert:  U.N. Arrears Payment Act (July 1999)

U.S. Dues to the U.N. Remain Unpaid (Dec 98 LU)


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