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Building Networks

Ideas for Advocacy

Below are advocacy ideas for you to put to use.

  • Have a lunch and letter, or coffee and communication time. Brainstorm regarding an issue that might be included in a letter. Write and address the letter.
  • Designate a Sunday when letters can be given as an offering in the offering plate. Be creative. If the letter is on food policy consider writing a campaign on paper plates.
  • Form a telephone tree for quick communication when emergency action is needed.
  • Form a group to study and discuss information sent on issues and/or the social statements of the church.
  • Form a group of persons interested in research and study of issues.
  • Ask to meet with your congregation's Christian Education committee in order to include advocacy issues in the adult curriculum.
  • Ask your Delegate or Senator to speak to an adult forum. Ask him/her to express what he/she sees as the most pressing concerns in the legislature and share yours.
  • Develop a bulletin board to display materials and newspaper articles related to advocacy.
  • Invite a staff member of your local Public Policy Office or the Lutheran Office for Governmental Affairs (LOGA) to speak to your group, congregation, forum, retreat, social ministry committee, or church council.
  • Post advocacy/justice information for others to read.
  • Reserve time during Social Ministry Committee meetings to discuss an issue.
  • Ask persons who make phone calls or write letters to either send you copies or let you know how many and on what issues during a particular time period. Send this information to the LOGA.
  • Include bulletin inserts provided by LOGA in your Sunday bulletin.
  • Form a letter-to-the-editor writing group. Encourage Women of the ELCA circle meetings, Youth Groups, Adult Forums, and Church Council meetings to write letters to the editor as part of their witness.

    Lutheran Office for Governmental Affairs
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