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"Just the Facts" - Military Spending in Latin America
(March 2001 LU)

Latin America Working Group, Washington, DC

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LOGA Action Alerts
& Background Papers
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Colombia     Cuba     Guatemala   
   El Salvador        Puerto Rico         SOA

International Drug Policy Guide for Citizen Action
(July 2001 LU)


Three Years of "Plan Colombia" 
-- Displacement, Violence...AND No Peace

(July 2003 LU)

Lutheran World Relief Colombia Education Packet

Letter to U.S. Senators:  Drug Certification Process
(March 16, 2001)

Letter to President: U.S. Drug Policy and Aid to Colombia
(February 26, 2001)

Action Alert: New Military Aid Likely--Start Saying NO
(February 2000)

Letter:  Human Rights in Colombia (December 2000)

Fumigation in Colombia (November 2000)

Colombia (Nov. 00 LU)

Action Alert:   Human Rights Violations in Colombia
(updated July 19, 2000)

Letter on Colombia (April 15, 1999)

Letter to the President of Colombia:  Protect Human Rights Workers (Feb 10, 1999)

Letter to President Clinton:   Promote Peace, Human Rights in Colombia (Oct 23, 1998)

Resource:   "U.S. Policy & the Crisis of Violence in Colombia"
(June 98 LU


Bills Introduced to Lift Travel Restrictions to Cuba
(July 2003 LU)

Trade with Cuba (May 2001 LU)

Bridges to the Cuban People Act of 2001 (March 2001)

Senate Votes to End Embargo on Cuba (Sept 99 LU)

Letter to Congress:   U.S./Cuba Relations (March 19, 1999)

El Salvador:

Disaster Assistance for El Salvador (July 2001 LU)

Action Alert: The El Salvador Earthquake (February 2001)


Update:  Guatemala Peace Process (August 2000)

Statement:   Bishop Anderson concerning the Assassination of Bishop Gerardi (April 1998)

Puerto Rico:

Military Exercises in Vieques
(July 2001 LU)

ELCA Delegation Visits Island of Vieques
(May 2001 LU)

Letter to the President:  Future of the Island of Vieques
(Oct 12, 1999)

School of the Americas (SOA):

House Votes to Cut Funding for SOA (Sept 99 LU)

Funding for the School of the Americas Continued
(Dec 98 LU)

Letter to Congress:  End Funding for U.S. Army School of the Americas (July 14, 1998)


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