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LOGA September 1999 Legislative Update

Advocacy Resources

"Families Living the Pledge of Nonviolence"
The Families Against Violence Advocacy Network (FAVAN) formulated the Family Pledge of Nonviolence in 1996 as the cornerstone of a five step program to create "circles of peace to break the cycle of violence." The seven components of the Family Pledge offer practical ways of living in the face of violence and being a force for peace, justice and reconciliation within the family and within society. Families, congregations and communities can use the pledge, as well as various related resources and programs. For a copy call ELCA Resource Information Services at 1-800-638-3522.

"Risky Business: Choosing Change - Called to Prison"
This resource was produced as a joint project of the Division for Church in Society, the Division for Congregational Ministries, and Women of the ELCA to "remember those in prison, as though you were in prison with them." It is intended to support beginning ministries with basic help and to provide additional resources for work that is already underway. Contact Augsburg Fortress at 1-800-328-4648. Code: 68-9159 ISBN 6-0001-0673-4

PBS Farm Crisis Documentary Available
"The Farmer’s Wife,"
a Public Broadcasting System film telling the story of a Nebraska family and their struggles to keep their farm and to keep their lives together, is available for loan from the Lutheran Office for Governmental Affairs. To borrow the three-tape set and its discussion guide send a letter or e-mail to LOGA. Let us know when you want to use it, your name and address, and your telephone number. The only cost to you is return postage.

"The Death Penalty: The Religious Community Calls for Abolition"
A collection of statements by religious groups opposing capital punishment is available from the Religious Organizing Against the Death Penalty Project. Other resources include: "Dead Man Walking" study packets, "What Does the Religious Community Say About the Death Penalty?" educational video, and "The Vision" newsletter. For more information contact the Religious Organizing Against the Death Penalty Project, 1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102-1479. Phone 215-241-7130, fax 215-241-7119, e-mail: Web site

The "Giving Market" is an exciting new children’s hunger resource. This resource provides a "Do It Yourself Kit" with a step by step resource guide to help set the stage for your very own deli and market. An accessory pack is also available that includes a "Giving Market" and "Global Deli" banner and other resources. To order, please call Augsburg Fortress at 1-800-328-4648, fax 612-330-3455. Code #67-3613 ISBN: 6-0001-0917-2, Accessory Pack Code #67-3611 ISBN: 6-0001-0913-X.

The Division for Global Mission (DGM) has prepared "Country Packets" on 67 countries. Inside a packet you will find a map, a country description, three to five pictures, prayer ventures, background about the churches and agencies to whom DGM relates, bulletin inserts, music, art and craft ideas, recipes and more. For more information please contact: Mia Cortez, 8765 West Higgins Road, Chicago, IL 60631. Phone 1-800-638-3522 (ext.2642), e-mail    The packets are also available on the Internet:

The National Council of Churches has produced two new resources from their Church and Government Project: "Christians and Government Bible Study" (order number EJ0001, cost $1.00) and "A Collection of Sermons" (order number EJ0003, cost $2.00). For copies of these resources contact The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, Indiana 46515, phone 219-264-3102 or 1-800-762-0968.

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