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LOGA Action Alerts
& Background Papers

Alert:  Conservation Security Program At Risk

Alert:  Implementation of Conservation Security Program At Risk

LOGA Alerts from 2001 on the Farm Bill

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2001 Farm Bill (July 2001)

Farm Bill Heads Toward Rewrite
(March 2001 LU)

Farm Dollars, Sanctions on Food/Medicine
(Nov. 00 LU)

We Need to Make Connections (May 00 LU)

Ask for a Hearing for Farmers(May 00 LU)

Rural Desk Plan Moves Ahead (Jan 00 LU)

Ag Appropriations Includes $8.7 Billion for Emergency Aid
(Jan 00 LU)

Farm Crisis Concern Mounts (Dec 98 LU)

Action Alert:  Farmers in Crisis (November 1998)

Farm and Anti-Hunger Advocates Join Forces (June 98 LU)


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